Cheeky Poppins Bespoke Fashion Accessories

About Cheeky Poppins

What is a Cheeky Poppins?

“I'm loving this new range of accessories. I've brightened up many an outfit and hairstyle - Go Cheeky!”
Loes, Amsterdam

Cheeky Poppins started as an idea in 2007, way back when the founder - Jennifer - defiled a pair of beautiful shoes with red wine, never to see the light of day again. Seemingly. With the ingenuity of being a buyer in lifestyle before in trade she had an extensive shoe collection in the 100's. Out of these shoes one bore a floral clip, detachable and convenient to localise in any position. She used this clip to cover the stain and the shoes were reborn to strut another London high street.

The founder and lead designer, has painstakingly sourced the most edgy leathers, minks and bling to make the small but chancy and commercial main collection.

The bespoke couture collection is born from the imagination of life - everything imaginable she can think of with a sewing machine and her bare mitts (with thimble). The transferable nature of each product is key, to be localised not only on ones shoes but as neck ornaments, brooches, bag tags, hair adornments you name it.

Award-Winning Cheeky Poppins Bespoke Fashion Accessories Same Outfit, Different Looks

We first and foremost want to create product which is wearable, affordable, and jovial in nature but is fashionable. Each product is designed for fashion forward people, worn by both genders for those who go that little extra to look unique. I know what you are going to say, if they are selling en mass how can I look individual…well look below at the multitude of looks one could do with a single pair of "shoekies".

Why Cheeky Poppins?

As there are no fashion-forward companies leading with this product the amount of care and dedication to the brand and product has been paramount. In addition to shoekies, Cheeky Poppins also moonlights in alternatives to jewellery, adornments for every day and special occasions. Easy-to-wear and uncomplicated.

The brand Cheeky Poppins is synonymous with quality and originality; eccentric designs with a novel product for any occasion; there is an unmistakable signature with each article,. The three main considerations to the buyer are appeal, wear-ability and price and each criteria has been met for maximum customer satisfaction.